What is washi tape?

Here at The Paperdashery, we stock our favourite, quality brand of Masté washi tapes in all kinds of bright colours and beautiful patterns, but we are often asked…

What is washi tape anyway with words

So, what is washi tape?

Well, Wikipedia tells us that “The word “washi” comes from wa ‘Japanese’ and shi ‘paper’, and the term is used to describe paper made by hand in the traditional manner.”

Washi tape is simply decorative tape made from Japanese paper. Decorative tape of all kinds is readily available now (made in the USA and China from plastic, paper, even material). However, true washi tape feels like a soft masking tape and is made in Japan.  Japanese washi tape is the best quality. It is special and different from other types of decorative tape because it has certain attributes.

Flamingo washi tape

What is special about washi tape?

  • It can be torn by hand
  • It can be written on (use a Sharpie)
  • It is strong (far stronger than you would imagine)
  • It can be repositioned and removed without tearing the underlying paper
  • It is slightly transparent, which makes it perfect for all kinds of creative projects where layering is involved (scrap booking, art journalling, card making, gift wrapping, envelope art, smash books and packaging)

Why do we love washi tape?

  • It’s tactile and fun to play with
  • Getting organised is easy with washi tape (use it in your planner or diary as a colour code)!
  • It encourages experimentation and creativity
  • The variety – it comes in a huge range of widths, colours and patterns!
  • You can use it to stick artwork or notes to walls without damaging the paint.
  • Absolutely anything can be made pretty with washi tape!

what is washi tape?

So now when someone asks you; “What is washi tape?”,  you can answer them!

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