DIY Washi Tape Aperture Greeting Card

We just adore these mini aperture cards which can be personalised with washi tape – each pack contains three cards – choose from thank you, happy birthday or star…

To make a mini washi aperture greeting card, you will need:

*we used maste washi tape in basic neon magenta & basic neon magenta stripes, plus the kraft happy birthday card from a pack of 3


How to make a mini washi aperture greeting card:

  • Choose which colour (black, white or kraft) card your recipient will like best.
  • Remove the insert and add a strip or two of washi tape to line up (approximately) with the aperture once it is replaced. We used a different pattern of washi tape for each line of text
  • TIP: We suggest using brightly coloured, or basic pattered washi tape, as the larger patterns will not be visible through the aperture
  • Write your message on the reverse of the insert and replace it in the aperture envelope
  • Your aperture design should really ‘pop’ now!

These also make great tags for gifts, plus you can tuck a lotto scratchcard inside as an extra surprise for your friend or penpal.

Who will you send this happy mail to..?








5 responses to “DIY Washi Tape Aperture Greeting Card”

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  2. Dipti avatar

    Loved this washi tape DIY. It is something every DIYer must have in regular use for the art and crafts to go on with.
    Nice post. Thanks for sharing,. 🙂

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  4. Kim avatar

    So cute! Thanks for posting

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