20 awesome things to put into snail mail

Want to know the secret of fantastic snail mail..?

..it’s the little extras! Be they bought, drawn, folded or cut and pasted, everyone loves to open a letter and have something fall out of it. It is so exciting to receive some happy mail with a special something inside.

20 awesome ideas for snail mail

So what exactly should we include in super snail mail?

Well, here are 20 ideas of small things to include with a letter (did we forget any..?)

  1. Origami – learn how to fold an animal or two out of paper and you will always be able to brighten up your letters. You could also include some origami paper so your friend can give it a go too.
  2. Washi tape – choose a design or colour that your friend will love. They might even use some on their return envelope.
  3. Cute post-it notes
  4. A scratch card – especially if you are sending snail mail to celebrate a birthday or achievement.
  5. Clips or pegs – we made ours using small plain bulldog clips fancied-up with some colourful geometric washi tape.
  6. Mini envelopes – for a tiny letter within a letter (you can find a tutorial and free template here)!
  7. Sweets (candy) – a little packet of sweets or a lolly will brighten up anyone’s day.
  8. Some tiny original art – draw or paint a picture, make a collage, but make it teeny tiny.
  9. Erasers (mini ones, in pretty colours, or cool shapes)
  10. A packet of seeds
  11. Some tea – fancy, unusual or herbal. Hot chocolate sachets are also great.
  12. A ransom note – use this free image to create a fun note by cutting out letters and sticking them into a funny message (you could threaten to eat their chocolate or kidnap their bear)!
  13. Temporary tattoos – loads of fun for grown-ups and kids alike.
  14. A printable Q&A sheet like the one in this post for them to complete and return.
  15. Cool plasters – paper cuts always feel better with a Goofy plaster on them, right?
  16. Stickers – perfect for snail mail replies.
  17. Stationery – some lovely paper, or a sweet notecard to use.
  18. Postcards – include a few and tie them up with some gorgeous twine.
  19. Sprinkles, glitter or confetti of any kind!
  20. Stamps, vouchers or cold hard cash – this is especially useful for a struggling student.

snail mail bundle tied with twine

So now you know the secret of sending brilliant snail mail!

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Thank you!

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2 responses to “20 awesome things to put into snail mail”

  1. Pat Walker avatar
    Pat Walker

    Please think about this before you add stuff like confetti to a card for seniors. When opening the card it often falls on the floor
    picking it up can be hard for seniors.

    1. The Paperdashery avatar
      The Paperdashery

      Absolutely – the key to great happy mail is to think about your recipient! If confetti won’t make them happy, don’t include it 😉