Washi tape spider web easy Halloween craft

Washi tape spider web

Today we have an incredibly simple Halloween craft idea for you. The great thing about using washi tape for Halloween decorations is that you can completely transform your home without damaging anything.  This is because washi tape is removable and can be repositioned multiple times.

To make this washi tape spider web (and spider!), all you need is:

  1. our MT slim matte black 3mm washi tape
  2. a pair of scissors.


How to make a washi tape spider web for Halloween

This really couldn’t be simpler.  Grab your slim black washi tape and scissors and get started!

  1. Decide where you want to make your spider web.  You could choose to place it in a corner (see picture below right), or in the middle of a wall (below left).  This craft also works well on paper, glass windows, or any flat surface.
  2. Start with the ‘spokes’ of your web, extending outwards from a central point, or corner.
  3. Begin to use small lengths of washi tape to link between the spokes in a spiral.  Don’t worry about being perfect here, as there is no need to measure anything.  Just use your judgement.  Some of the best and spookiest web shapes are the haphazard ones where it looks as if the spider got distracted and reversed the spiral halfway around (see picture bottom left).
    Take a look at some simple spider web outlines here for inspiration.
  4. To make a washi tape spider, run a longer length of washi down from the ceiling or your web, making sure it is vertical.  It’s relatively easy to do this, as the weight of the roll will hang the tape (like a plumb line) if you let it, then simply push the sticky side against the wall.
    Use a few very short lengths of tape at the end of your vertical line to create the spider’s body.  Then a few more to add his legs.
    Look at a spider outline to get the positioning of the legs just how you want them.

Washi tape spider web for Halloween

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