Pop up scrapbook waterfall tutorial

Today I’m delighted to welcome guest-poster Jenny Koovakada to show us how to make a paper scrapbook waterfall.  This gives a fantastic pop up effect on happy mail and scrapbooks.
Over to Jenny…

pop up scrapbook waterfall tutorial PIN

To make a pop up scrapbook waterfall, you will need:

  • a small rectangular piece of card measuring 1×4.5” (2.5×11.5cm)
  • 4 square pieces of card that are 2×2” (5x5cm) size to be your pictures
    (these look best if they are also patterned on the reverse)
  • a longer rectangular piece of card that is 2×9” (5x23cm)
    (this piece will be scored at 2”, 2 ¾”, 3 ½” & 4 ¼” / 5cm, 7cm, 9cm & 11cm)
  • 2 brads (split pins)
  • a piercing tool (I used a push-pin to make holes for the brads)
  • tape runner or double-sided tape
  • a greeting card or scrapbook where you want to place the paper waterfall

Pop up waterfall stepbystep

How to make a pop up scrapbook waterfall

1. Take the small rectangular piece of card and run tape on each end of it so that it can be stuck to your card or scrapbook page towards the bottom. Once you position it correctly, pierce brads through each end so that it will be securely placed on your page.
2. On your scored long rectangular piece, place each of the 2” squares. Run tape on the top edge of the square and place it just under each score line (start from the very bottom score line on the short scored end).
3. Once done placing the squares, slip the longer un-scored end of the longer rectangular piece behind the shorter rectangular piece that is on your card base. Figure out your positioning for it in order to do the pulling for the waterfall to take effect. When you figure that out, run tape on the bottom edge of the short rectangular piece and stick the bottom 2”(5cm) square of your long rectangular piece to it.
4. Decorate the pull tab of your piece in anyway you like.
5. And pull..!



Jenny Koovakada

Jenny Koovakada is a graduate student working on getting her MPA degree.
She works as an accountant & loves to do various types of crafts including creative snail mail.

Follow her on Instagram! @cuteandadorable0426