Fathers Day – thank you Dad

A Fathers Day Salute to my Dad

Today’s post is a little different.  I want to pay tribute to my dad in the run-up to fathers day, so I’m writing about why he is such a fantastic dad & grandad.

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My dad is always there

My father is a quiet man. A man of few words. I think my brother will agree that if you want a long chat on the phone, then you call mum.  But my dad is always, always there when I need him. When I needed a lift home from the pub as a teenager. When I was heartbroken. When I had the baby blues and hadn’t slept in days. When I ran out of money at university. When I couldn’t put up my shelves. When I was terrified of falling downstairs on my wedding day.
He might not be a big talker, but he is always there.

And because of this, I have never doubted that he loves me.


My dad is a brilliant grandad

My boys adore their Grandad. He helps them construct elaborate and complex Lego designs. He explains cogs, gears, electricity & sound. He answers endless questions about flora and fauna. He carries them on his shoulders. He takes them on adventures. He built them a go-kart from scratch. When they (regularly & inevitably) hurt themselves, he gives them a big hug and some germolene instead of telling them to ‘man-up’. He asks them questions and he listens to their answers.

And because of this, they know that Grandad loves them.


My dad is a fantastic male role model

My dad is the benchmark by which I compare other men. He is calm. He is respectful. He is intelligent & talented. He is fun and very funny in his dry way. He dances. He loves my mum. He respects and cares for her. He is responsible. He is kind.
He is a gentleman.

And because I saw these qualities in my dad, I sought them in my husband.
And I know that he now loves me too and is also a wonderful father.

So thank you dad for all that you do for our family.

I love you Daddy

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